This is a wiki for discussing and logging information about the Parasite mystery at the University of Chicago. We also have a Facebook group, which you can join here:

First time here? Here's the basic summary.

There is a group of people working very hard to give the impression that there is a secret society at the University of Chicago. This group of people has used a series of different social media channels—Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Discord, Snapchat, Tumblr, and even a website hosted by the university itself—in order to communicate documents, images, puzzles, and codes related to this secret society. The society is preparing for something they call the "parasite," which is somehow related to a room on campus, and which will arrive in September 2017. They are building something in order to prepare for its arrival (see "Twitch" for details).

The current dominant theory is that this is some sort of orientation game for first-years put on by the company Playfair (see "Playfair Theory")

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