The times bulletin is the second of 11 RUUN communiques.

The document discusses the need for encrypting future messages, as well as suspected internal corruption within the organization, and improvements to worker conditions.

Decrypted Text Edit

Team -

Regrettably, even as we have moved to the Private Shed, the breakin within our previous shop location continues to be an issue.

Encoding needs to continue for the foreseeable future on all communications (see postscript) each time.  At all costs, we should keep the eleventh and privileged object in each cluster secret from the trespasser(s).  The Reticulites obviously know the one hundred and twenty one. As we know, to provide checks and balances, each of the eleven has knowledge of only one the eleven privileged objects.  As such, full knowledge of all objects is restricted to our team. The RUUN cannot run without the objects.

The upshot: if the infiltration signals a corruption at the heart of P.S. itself (a possibility we have to entertain), we must keep the privileged object confidential to engineers.  Hence, this inconvenient code.

I recognize the overtime you have expended during the extended construction.  This next Cluster list (now finalized) should enable you to proceed with your work until the next set on Friday.  Following the appearance in autumn, we are considering expanding vacation time, since extra service pay is not an option.

Cluster: Times: 1. Clock (11:11), 2. Venus figurine, 3. Galileo thermometer, 4. Mechanical metronome, 5. Dark Side of the Moon album, 6. Green astronomer's laser pointer, 7. Sand (in vessel), 8. Melatonin, 9. Perfection (Hasbro Game), 10. Fossil/Petrified Wood, Privileged object: Sundial

Progressively shrouded,

The Engineer

P.S. Its benefactor and its creator share a name with on relation.  Where a male cygnus may nest.

Encrypted Text Edit

Gvzn -

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